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Privacy Notice

Data security

The protection of your personal dates with the use of the web pages from is to us an especially important concern. 

Therefore, we assure you that we keep with the elevation, processing and use of dates to the legal regulations for the data security.

We would like to demonstrate our principles for the contact with your personal dates to you in the following briefly: 


1. Elevation, use and processing of personal dates

Basically you can attend the web pages from without leaving personal dates. For the realization of the following, from you to well-chosen services and supplies on the precalled web pages raise, we process and are of use, nevertheless, in the following closer personal dates of you called:

Customer's registration / order: 

To be able to export your order by your wishes, raise, process and we use the following dates which are informed of us by you within the scope of the registration about a corresponding form: Name, address, contact dates like e-mail address, phone as well as with entrepreneurs the Ust. ID. For the purpose of the execution of your order we transmit the precalled dates if necessary to the partner's company appointed with the contract liquidation as well as your address and telephone number to the logistic company appointed with the delivery.  

Newsletter registration: 

With the newsletter registration raise, we process and use from you within the scope of the registration stated e-mail address. Should you have signed up on our newsletter distributor, receive corresponding newsletter to this e-mail address. From the newsletter distributor you can sign out any time again. Then the newsletter is sent to you no more. 


2. Transmission of the personal dates into three parts

A transmission of the personal dates into three parts about under figure to 1. called cases does not take place out; unless, you have explained moreover before her explicit consent or we are obliged on account of a legal obligation or a judicial or official order to the passing on. 


3. Technical precautions for the protection of the dates

The security of your dates is to us a special concern. To prevent an unauthorized access to these dates and to guarantee the entitled use of the dates, therefore, we have furnished corresponding technical and organizational procedures.

4. use of Cookies

On different pages we use Cookies to decorate the visit of our website attractively and to allow the use of certain features. On this occasion, it concerns the small text files which are filed on your computer. Most of the Cookies used by us are deleted after the end of the browser meeting again from your hard disk (sucked. Session-Cookies). Other Cookies remain on your computer and allow us to recognize your computer in your next visit again (sucked. Long time-Cookies). These Cookies serve the greeting with your user's name and put aside to you with subsequent orders the renewed input of your password or filling out of forms with your dates. 

They can hire your browser so that he informs you before acceptance of a Cookies or accepts no more Cookies. If you deactivate Cookies, however, certain features and services on the web pages from are not available to you under circumstances. 

5. Information about stored dates 

They can require any time free of charge information about the personal dates stored to her person of us. Please, direct her corresponding inquiry to us: Contact form 

6. Deletion or blockage of the personal dates 

They can revoke any time her consent with regard to the storage of her personal dates. Moreover you arrange a corresponding inquiry us: Contact form. Provided that legal, periods for safekeeping relating to commercial law or according to tax law or contractual or other legally anchored reasons stand in the way of a deletion, only one blockage of your dates can follow instead of a deletion.


7. Questions on the subject Data security

If you have questions or suggestions on the subject "Data security", contact please us: Contact from

8. Changes of the data privacy

We are left to ourselves the right to change this general data privacy any time considering the valid data security regulations.